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We broaden access to earning

A digital realm where real world barriers no longer exist. Here, possibilities are shared, opportunities to earn are opened and access to education is seamless.

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You're not playing by someone else's rules - you're helping write them

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It's not just a level playing field - it's levelling up

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You're not just a member - you're a digizen

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It's not just a metaverse - it's a metaversity

CGU is an on-chain world where we're all invited to belong

Crypto Global United began as a platform for lending NFTs to blockchain gamers in the developing world, helping to increase their earnings and access better opportunities on play-to-earn (P2E) titles.

Leveraging the emergence of P2E, CGU has evolved to offer our community the ability to take part in a decentralised economy, generate sustainable income via learn to earn and metaverse work opportunities, while developing new digital skills and engaging with an energised global community.

It's a totally decentralised metaverse where you're not just a player, you're a digital citizen - a valued digizen. CGU digizens can expect to work for blockchain, fintech, dApp and other Web 3.0 companies in a variety of roles.

Meet the founders

CGU began as a startup in 2016 headed by Venture Capitalist Mark Carnegie and Crypto Entrepreneur Sergei Sergienko. The CGU team now spans the globe in roles across operations, marketing, business development, mentorship, project analysis and development.

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Mark Carnegie

Resident dinosaur

Mark has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, investor and corporate adviser in New York, London and Sydney.

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Sergei Sergienko

Lord Rainmaker

Sergei Sergienko is a leading expert and successful private investor in cryptocurrency, DeFi and blockchain systems and applications.

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