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What matters is that you can create a better life

We are broadening access for people to earn crypto for work across a broad range of remote tasks within a decentralised workforce.

CGU digizens can expect to work for blockchain, dApp and other Web 3.0 companies in a variety of roles in metaverse communication, content creation, marketing, publishing technology, payment solutions to power new economic models, customer service, tech support, business development, team management and software development.

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Levelling up the way business is done


When your people are engaged, independent and happy, great things can happen. Free from the constraints of geography and time, our digizens are motivated operators united by a desire to level up the world in which we live. Your business can access people in the CGU community skilled in growth marketing, virtual assistance, design, communication, metaverse operations, cryptocurrency and blockchain fundamentals enabled to work from wherever they are.

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