New Play to Earn Game THE RUNNER launches, exclusive to CGU

New Play to Earn Game THE RUNNER launches, exclusive to CGU

CGU have launched their new game in collaboration with Markaz Games. We sat down with Director Salim Al Ghoul to get the insight on the new game, The Runner, developed exclusively for CGU.

What is The Runner?

Salim: The Runner is an endless arcade game where people have to run and avoid obstacles in order to reach the top ranks and earn exclusive rewards.

What was the idea behind it?

Salim: Runner games are a common idea in the marketplace. We wanted to create our own version of such a game due to its simplicity and it's widespread audience

What is the history of previous similar games?

Salim: Runner games have existed in the marketplace for a while now. Games such as "Subway Surfer" have gained immense popularity among arcade casual gamers.

What can we expect from the Gameplay?

The gameplay of “The Runner" is about competing with other players and trying to reach the highest possible score in order to be ranked among the best and win exclusive rewards.

Is The Runner solving any loophole in the gaming industry?

Its solving it in a way the time and effort people putting into this game is from traditional gaming because it is monetizing players effort and rewarding them with exclusive rewards

 Is The Runner a game disruptive invention?

We chose The Runner as our first game because we wanted to deliver a classic game for our community where they can enjoy their time while playing

What is the objective of the game?

The player has to avoid every obstacles and play multiple rounds in order to keep their score high to stay in the competition 

How can you complete the game?

The game is endless and the player can play infinite rounds but what distinguishes veteran players from newbies is the exclusive content they have unlocked and used.

Is the game a P2E game?

Yes it is a play to earn model where players effort is being monetized daily.

Do players get paid in Crypto?

The rewards are being sent through crypto because it's easy way for people to receive their rewards then cash them out with no restrictions or delays.

What token/coin will they be rewarded in and why?

Players will be paid in $CGU tokens as these tokens are for the community. Through CGU, players will be linked to many other opportunities and benefits within Web3

What was The Runner built on?

We used Unreal Engine 5 to develop this game because in our opinion it’s the best game engine available on the market.

What are the technicalities of the development?

It’s C++ programming language that allow us to do complex development smoothly. Unreal engine provide us great tools to develop 3rd games and allow us to integrate blockchain into the game.

Are there any blockchain integration/CRM?

Using this software we were able to create automatic wallets for players and automated daily payments which makes its less complex to our players.

What is the Road map for The Runner?

The Runner game will be migrated to the CGU metaverse which allows the player to use their exclusive rewards earned within the metaverse.

Are there any plans for partnerships?

There will be multiple partnerships with influencers in sports, fashion and multiple fields where you can physically purchase merchandise and also own NFTS which can be used in the game and in the metaverse.

Can you share some information about the Markaz team?

The team we currently have consists of 15 members with extensive experience in cinematics,programming,web, designing and modelling.

Together we were able to be first to market implementing automatic generated wallets through games instead of linking them to websites.

We have multiple classic games such as The Runner and also building a triple a demo for our game battle of Markaz

The Runner is available to download to play now on PC and Android via www.cgu.io (MAC and iOS coming soon!)