CGU Makes Strategic Investment In Metaverse Blockchain Caduceus

CGU Makes Strategic Investment In Metaverse Blockchain Caduceus

The Caduceus Foundation was a sponsor of the recent Metaverse Summit in Paris, with the team delivering a presentation about their vision for the space. The metaverse has emerged as one of the key themes for blockchain technology over the past year, as NFTs, P2E gaming, and online world applications have taken off. Caduceus – which has recently completed a series of IDOs – aims to address some of the big issues for developers and users, offering a blockchain platform that provides all of the tools required for high-throughput, decentralised metaverse applications. 

These include low transaction fees, distributed storage based on IPFS, distributed GPU cloud rendering, support for devices and development kids, high network throughput, and support for EVM and solidity contracts.

As a blockchain-level metaverse platform, Caduceus is the perfect fit for CGU, since it is expected to become key infrastructure for a large number of metaverse applications, games, and NFTs in the future.