CGU levels up to become Crypto Global United

CGU levels up to become Crypto Global United

One Year Ago…we launched a token, as Crypto Gaming United. A lot can happen in a year!

Our beginning came from the rise in play to earn gaming. rapidly multiplying, endlessly evolving, but always globally connected.

Today, Crypto Gaming United is Levelling Up to Crypto GlobalUnited, a tribute to the changing nature of opportunities to play, learn and earn in the metaverse.

As a premier play-to-earn blockchain gaming league, and a leader in the metaverse play-to-earn market, CGU has developed a massive following in Philippines, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Zambia, Myanmar, South Africa, Morocco, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Vietnam, Turkey and Latin America. The global appeal is that CGU offers people from emerging countries an opportunity to join an on-chain economy. While the first phase of opportunity came from the rapid rise in gaming, CGU have branched out into crypto education and learning with opportunities for more work on-chain increasing in demand.

As a result, CGU now a platform giving our community an opportunity to upskill and  generate sustainable income in the global decentralized economy. 

“We will always be true to our gaming roots, but job creation in metaverse is no longer simply about gaming, and our corporate evolution is a testament to that.”

Sergei Sergienko, CGU co-founder.

Reflecting all these changes and evolution, CGU is rolling out its new logo and visual identity today. These changes illustrate the CGU brand maturing beyond gaming, having more inclusion, more access, more opportunity. Being part of the CGU community means you can Level Up to a better job, better income opportunities, a better life. 

It’s a universe where you’re not just a player, you’re a digital citizen – a valued digizen. You can play for purpose, learn how to generate a crypto based income and be connected with earning opportunities to level up your skills, your play, your reality.

A digital realm where real world barriers no longer exist. Here, possibilities are shared, opportunities to earn are opened and access to education is seamless. CGU is an on-chain world where we’re all invited to belong. 

“CGU will inspire a digital generation to engage with a metaverse not purely for entertainment, but for connection, income generation and upskilling,”

Rita Salib, CGU Chief Brand Alchemist. 

“We are creating and empowering a global community with skills and income. It no longer matters who you are, where you are and what you are. What matters is that you can create a better life.”